Chris's Dog Hotel No Cages Belleville, Trenton, Quinte West & Area, Ontario

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Last updated on: November 17, 2016

Established Since 1995

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Chris's Dog Hotel No Cages of Belleville, ON

We Have Proven To Be The Long Time Trusted Dog Hotel Since 1995***Don't spend $50 & up for pet care. We offer (LUXURY) boarding for $25. You be the judge.

We Have Proven To Be The Long Time Trusted Dog Hotel Since 1995***Don't spend $50 & up for pet care. We offer (LUXURY) boarding for $25. You be the judge.


Kisses, Hugs, Pampering, Play And One-On-One Attention Always Come FREE. We are also LOVING pet parents. Come for a meet and greet. We are the place your fur baby has been DREAMING about, so why not let your fur baby's DREAMS come TRUE. My staff and I are committed to ensuring the pets and families in our circle receive the highest level of service and personalization during their pets stay. Within our loving environment, the wellness and safety of pets is our primary concern. Our mission is to guard and promote the physical and cognitive wellness of each pet who is under our watchful eye.

This is (PERTINENT) for everyone to read...

Socialization is important to the overall well-being of your dog because it will provide he/she with the ability to develop skills to cope with new experiences in a positive way, therefore reducing your dog's stress.

A Well Socialized Dog Is A Happy Dog.
Socialization is the process of exposing dogs to new environments and situations. It helps them to feel more comfortable when encountering new things, animals, people and experiences. Socialization is especially important during puppy-hood with the first critical socialization time as eight-twelve weeks of age. Socialization should not end with puppy-hood but is more of a lifetime journey.

Though the foundation for your dog's behavior is laid during the first few months, responsible pet owners reinforce social skills and continually expose their dog to new social experiences throughout the dog's entire life.

That's why Chris's Dog Hotel No Cages is the PERFECT CHOICE ! ! ! We also recommend taking your dog to acertified dog trainer in your local area.

We provides on call emergency pet care, Belleville, Ontaro. Chris's Dog Hotel No Cages provides on call emergency pet care for all our established clients. My clients and their pets are like family to us. We are always willing to leap in and help when in where we can in the unfortunate event of a crisis or emergency.

Baby Labour | Hospitalization , Delivery Emergency or Personal Emergency.

Going On Vacation? 5 Reasons Why A Professionally Dog Hotel Is Better Than Hiring A Sitter. We are usually a lot more affordable too.

When planning a vacation, pet owners must take into consideration what to do with their beloved animals. Depending on the temperament of your
dog(s), you may wish to hire a pet sitter, but if they do well with new people and other animals, a professional Dog Hotel like Chris's Dog Hotel No Cages may be the best option for you both.

Offering dog boarding in Quinte , Chris's Dog Hotel No Cages is a vacation for your pup. There is overnight boarding, for when you need a night out on the town or for a week long get-away etc. While a sitter will come a couple times a day to walk and feed your pet, a luxury dog hotel will have staff around the clock so they won't be lonely.

If you hate to leave puppy alone during the day, Chris's Dog Hotel No Cages daycare is available. Your dog will get lots of attention and be able to socialize with other groups of dogs with similar temperament. No more worries of your pet's boredom at home that could lead to destructive behavior.

Boarding your pet doesnt mean sitting around in cages. Chris's Dog Hotel No Cages offers plenty of play, exploring in a stunning huge yard and a beautiful clean home. Customized sessions of extra snuggles, intro to agility, and basic obedience. Dog boarding in Belleville, Trenton Chris's Dog Hotel No Cages will leave your pet happy and thoroughly tuckered out from a day of excitement.

To put your mind at ease, you're able to visit ahead of time with your dog so you can see our facilities. We will take the time to ask you questions about your pet so that we can fulfills all your pet special needs. Unlike with a sitter, there will always be staff available in case of emergency and your pet will be kept on a schedule. If you are looking for dog boarding in the Belleville, Trenton, Quinte Area Chris's Dog Hotel No Cages is an excellent choice to keep your pet safe, happy and loved.

My Pool Is Harmful For My Dog? (FALSE)

Chris's Dog Hotel No Cages Keeps The Water In Our Pool Clear Balanced & Healthy At All Times. We Check Our pH Levels 3 Times A Day. Safety Always Comes First. That's Why In 20 Years Every Pup In Our Care Leaves Happy And Healthy.

Will The Water Hurt My Dog in Some Way? Generally speaking, swimming pool water should not harm your pet. This is as long as your water is clear, balanced and healthy. All bets are off if your pool is green and nasty, though. So, don’t let your dog swim in a pool that you wouldn’t swim in, and all will be good. Like a human, a dog is a land animal so prolonged soaking in the pool can cause some skin issues. However, this is really rare. Excessive exposure to chlorine can cause skin to dry out and too low pH levels in a pool can cause skin irritation, but again this is only under extreme conditions and is very rare. A dog should be less sensitive to water conditions than people. So, as long as you are OK swimming in your pool, it is safe for your prized pooch to swim too.

As pet parents ourselves we understand how hard it is to leave your pet when work or pleasure requires overnight travel.

Our staff provides a fun, safe environment for your pet to relax while you’re away. LUXURY pet sitting at its best.

Hello my name is Shelley, my staff and I have well over 45 years combined experience, and I've been running Chris's dog hotel for 20 years. We are your trusted dog professionals. When you've been taking care of fur babies as long as I have, there is no better feeling to my regulars or new clients, knowing they have made the right decision. We have a GORGEOUS back yard fit for your KING or QUEEN, Even our clients ask if they can check in for their VACATION.

Our qualified staff is able to give all manner of medications and special care to ensure the well being of your pet. Medications are administered FREE of charge (oral, eye drops, pills, needles etc.) My staff Frazer also has his Pharmacology Diploma License.

That Dr. Jeff Walsh & Dr. Mark Hewgill, from Rossmore Animal Hospital, are handing out Doggy Booklets to all their clients, and we have been chosen as one of their recommendations.

Raw pet food | Chris's Dog Hotel, pet sitting, pet training, raw pet food, doggy daycare, pet care. Cats and dogs have no nutritional need for grain; they do not have the digestive enzyme amylase, which is needed to digest grain.

Chris's Dog Hotel No Cages is your #1 choice for all your pets sitting needs.


Marg Lewis: 2015-02-17
Thank you for taking such excellent care of our baby, Peanut. She exhibited anxiety whenever she realized that we were going away- the suitcases were a tip-off- but, calmed down when we approached your home which made it clear to us that she was as loved and cared for there as sh ...

Kelli Akey Stewart: September 23, 2015
I think that Chris' Dog Hotel is fantastic. Not only are the prices fantastic, but it's a safe place that you can leave your furry friend. I have left my dog Louie there a couple of times. He comes home happy and exhausted from all the play. It really is a great place w ...



Brands Offered

  • Pet sitting at its very best.

Products Offered

  • Luxury dog/pet boarding.

Services Offered

  • pet sitting
  • doggie daycare
  • pet/dog training
  • Raw pet/dog/cat food.

Specialties Offered

  • pet sitting
  • doggy daycare
  • dog boarding
  • pet training
  • raw pet/cat food Belleville
  • Trenton Ontario.

Other Details

  • Number of Employees: Less Than 5 People



Key Contact:

Shelley Adam

Languages Spoken:


Physical Location


1205 Moira St West
Belleville, ON, K8R 1G1 Canada


Quinte West

GPS Coordinates:

-77.46351679999998, - 44.1547093

Payment Methods

  • Cash

Hours of Operation

  • Sunday:
    8:00 am
    7:00 pm
  • Monday:
    8:00 am
    7:00 pm
  • Tuesday:
    8:00 am
    7:00 pm
  • Wednesday:
    8:00 am
    7:00 pm
  • Thursday:
    8:00 am
    7:00 pm
  • Friday:
    8:00 am
    7:00 pm
  • Saturday:
    8:00 am
    7:00 pm
  • Appointments For New Meet And Greets... Monday To Sunday 8:00 am to 11:00 am

We Serve

  • Belleville, Trenton, Quinte West & Area, Ontario
  • Bloomfield
  • Brighton
  • Deseronto
  • Frankford
  • Kingston
  • Madoc
  • Marmora
  • Napanee
  • Picton
  • Stirling
  • Thurlow
  • Tweed
  • Wellington
  • Wooler
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